Students Team

At the LIARA lab, we aim to translate great research into highly qualified personnel. We are always in the process of recruiting, and therefore, there might be a place for you in our team. We recruit at every level and for many types of projects. Whether you have a project of your own or want to join an ongoing project, you can always contact me with your curriculum at

Current paid projects open for recruitment:
    PhD - On Spatial Datamining - guaranteed 18k/year for 3 years
    MSc - Artificial intelligence, optimizing recipes creation - guaranteed 12k/year for two years

Ph.D./Psy.D. Students
  • Kevin Chapron (2017-2021) - UQAC (Canada) - To be announced - Debuting in August.
  • Frédérick Bergeron (2017-2020) - Université de Sherbrooke (Canada) - To be announced - NSERC PGS D & FRQNT B2 scholarship holder, in progress
  • Pierre-Luc Gagné (2016-2019) - UQAC (Canada) - Acceptability of sensors used in smart homes according to the level of knowledge of the users of these sensors, their usefulness and aesthetics - In progress
  • Nadia Oukrich (2016-2019) - École Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs (Morocco) - Activity recognition with Deep Learning - In progress

Masters Students
  • Vincent Leclerc (2017) - UQAC (Canada) - To be announced - debuting in July.
  • Charles Cousyn (2017-2018) - UQAC (Canada) - Text mining and intelligence collection of scientific paper on rare diseases - In progress
  • Carl Ouellet (2016-2018) - UQAC (Canada) -  Reconnaissance d'activités humaines fines dans un contexte multi-habitant en utilisant des capteurs ambients - NSERC CGS M & FRQNT B1 scholarship holder, in progress
  • Frédérick Bergeron (2015-2017) - Université de Sherbrooke (Canada) - Open RFID Tracking for Indoor ADLs Monitoring - FRQNT B1 scholarship holder, direct passage to PhD.
  • Mathieu Bérubé (2017-2018) - UQAC - To be announced  - NSERC CGS M scholarship holder, debuting in August.

Professionnal master with lab internship

Undergrad Students
  • Mathieu Bérubé (2016) - UQAC (Canada) - Context Aware Indoor Navigation for Persons with Disabilities- NSERC USRA scholarship holder, In progress
Short lab internship (135hours)
  • Fiolyne Revel (2017) - UQAC (Canada) - Chess platform for an AI competition  - In progress
  • Florian Duval (2017) - UQAC (Canada) - Réalisation assistée de recettes sur une cuisinière intelligente équipée de capteurs - In progress
  • Marine Camuset (2017) - UQAC (Canada) - Réalisation assistée de recettes sur une cuisinière intelligente équipée de capteurs
  • Nicolas Busser (2017) - UQAC (Canada) - Web portal for sensors monitoring