About Me

Welcome visitor! My name is Kevin Bouchard, I am native to the province of Quebec in Canada and I am currently a tenured Assistant Professor at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. I am an active member of the Laboratoire d'Intelligence Ambiante pour la Reconnaissance d'Activités (LIARA). Our team is focused on ambient intelligence through the development of multimodal smart homes. These smart homes aim to provide day to day assistance to semi-autonomous residents in order to enhance their quality of life and promote autonomy. The LIARA team also focuses on developing smaller assistive technologies targeted at smaller restrained sets of problems (e.g.: independent smart stove to assist while cooking).

I invite the reader to consult the "Scientific Activities" page for research project opportunities, datasets, and other fun things.
If you represent a company and there is a project you would like to investigate, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My Interests
My main  interests of research include:
  • Data mining/ machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
  • Localization and tracking 
  • Ambient intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Assistive technologies
  • Smart home
  • Multiagent systems
In addition to my incommensurable passion for research, I am the type of person who likes to try every new thing whether they are extreme or not. For example, I have been to Cedar Point and Magic Mountain to try the biggest rollercoasters in the world, I bungee jumped in Outaouais, the highest jump in Canada, and I have driven a Lamborghini at more than 250km/h on a closed circuit. I also discovered a new passion for stock trading in 2011 and I particularly enjoy trading on market sentiment (mostly catalyst and swing trading) by using both technical and fundamental analysis. I also created my own six GPU mining rig to extract LTC during the first cryptocurrency rush (2012) for which I bite my fingers every day for selling everything at the end of my Ph.D. in 2014! I am also a pilot of Ultra Light Aircraft in Canada. I'm flying a powered paraglider (you can see my very first flight here !). I love road trips, the great outdoors. I have been to 38 states in the USA, I have seen around 50 national parks/monuments, hiked hundreds of miles, and drove 35 000 km traveling in the USA. I love traveling in general and prefer an unbeaten path. I am always seeking new experiences and amongst the list of what I want to do next, there are: watching lava flow, assisting to a tornado storm, climbing a major mountain, and scuba diving in a shipwreck. As of 2020, I started training to run my first marathon.

Some recent projects